Set-up Company in Spain

por | 11 de julio de 2018

Do you want to create a company in Spain but you are over the administrative procedures?

When it comes to launching a business idea, not only do you have to turn on a light bulb: you also need to have the talent and resources to put it into operation. And, no less important: comply with the legal requirements that allow to operate with tranquility and total security in that market.

In fact, one of the great obstacles to entrepreneurship in Spain has always been the high bureaucratic burden necessary to create a company. As has been repeated a thousand and one times in the media, founding a company in our country requires a significant effort of time and money (even up to weeks, depending on the type of business we want to establish) compared to the few hours it takes raise an organization in countries like the United Kingdom or even Estonia.

The extreme complexity of the business system in Spain, with different legal formulas and different regimes depending on the Autonomous Community or the type of activity, has not contributed to make this type of procedures accessible to ordinary mortals who have had, in some time, an entrepreneurial vocation. It is not surprising, therefore, that a large number of these people have ended up hiring the services of a manager for Register a Company in Spain to help them lay the legal foundations of their company.

But if you do not have the resources to have the advice of third parties or simply want to carry out all the steps in person, making sure of the reliability of all the information provided, there are a series of steps that you must complete to bring your life to life. new company. Always remember that these procedures vary between the different regions of our country and there are numerous exceptions to the general procedure that you should know before getting involved in this process.

Decide the ideal legal form

Be it in a particular way or hiring the professional services for Register a Company in Spain, the first step before embarking on the journey by the different administrations to the position is to conveniently analyze all the legal forms that exist in our country to create a company until finding which best fits with our objectives or which provides us with greater tax advantages. We must remember that each model requires different levels of social capital or number of partners, as well as different levels of legal responsibility and on the capital or debts of the future organization. The way we choose will also depend, in part, on the administrative path that we will have to carry out for its discharge.

In that sense, the two most common formulas in Spain are the Limited Companies and the Autonomous Companies. Both share a limited responsibility for what happens in the company (we will not have to respond with our capital in case of bankruptcy of the organization, unless some type of crime is proven on our part, unlike the self-employed) but they vary considerably in the necessary capital to create it (60,000 euros against 3,000), as well as in its internal functioning (free shares to be bought or sold against shares in which the rest of the members of any movement must be informed).

Go to a consultancy

As we said at the beginning of this article, many people choose to hire the services of an agency for Register a Company in Spain that handles all these procedures for it, going only to the signing of each of the necessary documents (essentially, the signing before a notary public deeds).

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