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por | 1 de junio de 2018

The human resource challenges that arise as a result of international expansion become critical to the success or failure of an organization. HR is the backbone of a company with payroll management that is the key to recognizing the most important asset. The lack of standardization in Human Resources or integrated payroll systems becomes a problem for multinational companies. According to a study, retailers can pay dearly for their mistakes in payroll management in their internationalization plan.

Situation of the retail sector

The retail sector is increasingly complex. The desire for consumer comfort and competition to achieve a greater presence in their minds is being influenced by the increase in the use of smartphones and the Internet. To combat this, retailers are developing increasingly complex operational and financial models in order to keep up with technological advances, regulations and ways to use information in the new customer-centric scenario. Companies hire their staff following different patterns and types of employment contracts, and often resort to casual and temporary work. If we add to this a high turnover of personnel and its distribution in multiple locations in different countries, it is not surprising that international retailers do not always manage to do it well.

In the process of internationalization, companies in the retail sector face the following challenges:

The costs. Multiple local payroll systems increase the cost. As organizations expand internationally, they will generally implement multiple local outsourcing companies of Payroll Advisor in Spain or take advantage of existing tools. Errors in payroll administration can be very costly; Companies often do not discover them until they are sanctioned by the tax authorities. For companies with numerous local payroll systems, data consolidation is another additional cost. The necessary resources not only increase the cost but also affect the ability to make correct and timely business decisions. A single provider with a single contract provides cost transparency by providing budget and financial planning, while freeing companies from tedious administrative work. This allows them to focus on commercial expansion and other operational strategies while controlling costs through Payroll Advisor in Spain.

Flexibility. Adapt to market conditions and a changing business world. Retailers are presented with a great opportunity in personnel management, especially in terms of planning and budgeting. They need planning processes, hiring Payroll Advisor in Spain and more effective forecasting to offer their clients what they want, when they want it. The use of systems and processes that impede change greatly limits the flexibility of organizations and their ability to react to market conditions. The poor management of Human Resources and the payroll process can end with any desire for flexibility as the internal teams see how all their time and resources are spent simply keeping up with the monthly (or weekly) round of payments instead of support the company. As organizations move to new geographic areas, they generally lack local experience. When there is a lack of knowledge of local practices in payroll administration, risks are created. The legislation may vary according to the region, the city, the commercial activity, the collective agreements or according to the agreements of the company by company. When all these factors are combined, things begin to be complex.

The control. To keep costs under control and employ staff with greater flexibility, international retailers need a clear and global view of their staff. However, many of them have little control over employee data because they are stored in different locations; multinational companies have, on average, more than 30 RR systems. H. H. and a similar amount of payroll management systems. Having a global vision of the staff is essential for business management by executives; however, very few count on it, and to help achieve this goal there are the Payroll Advisor in Spain.

The HR teams of international retailers must achieve a business model with a unified, automatic and global payroll management solution that reduces costs, increases labor flexibility and guarantees compliance with very diverse legislative systems and helps to avoid costly mistakes

Centralization is the key to providing simplified services and obtaining an operational model of Human Resources that first class organizations try to adopt. A network of local payroll specialists with in-depth knowledge of local legislation and human resources would alleviate the burden of shared services centers or local branches. A multinational payroll solution through Payroll Advisor in Spain a would adequately support cross-platform compatibility, data integration and centralization of information in several countries, both locally and globally. It would also mean adequate standardization of service levels through suppliers and the integration of local compliance knowledge.

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